Busting Myths About Audiobooks: Audiobooks Are Better Than Regular Books

I thought it might be interesting to reflect on how audiobooks are far superior to books. I love listening to audiobooks, it’s also part of my job, but you can also happily find me browsing in bookstores or sitting with my head in a novel. You can also enjoy listening to your favorite audiobooks at All You Can Books. Some people I’ve talked to about audiobooks don’t know much about them. So before I get into their merits, it might be worth debunking a few myths about audiobooks based on some questions or comments I’ve received.

Myths About Audiobooks

Audiobooks Are for People Who Can’t Read

There is no doubt that audiobooks are the best thing for those who can’t read a book for whatever reason. I and many of my audiobook friends have recorded publications for the blind that gives them access to a wide range of literature. They can also be enormously helpful in providing people with reading problems with stories and texts that they would otherwise find confusing. On the other hand, Audible’s success suggests even greater appeal. I can read very well and still sometimes choose the audio option within the physical book.

They Cut Traditional Books Down

were abbreviated versions of the physical publication, but thanks to smartphones, there’s no need to abbreviate because today you can carry hundreds of hours of audiobooks on your device so they’re fully accessible at all times. In the CD years, a full 10-hour audiobook required 9 CDs (not very easy to carry around), but that’s no longer the case.

They Are Expensive and Slow

Although the main price of an audiobook may seem high ($21.99 is not uncommon), they sensibly offer subscription deals where you can buy credits to spend on audiobooks. They additionally have routine revenue where you can purchase 2 for 1 or comparable prices. If you are questioning if audiobooks are a bit slow if you are a quick reader, the answer is hopefully not. Publications are meant to be enjoyed, not inhaled, but sometimes we want a quicker hit. The narrator will read at a pace that suits the design and content of the novel. But if you find it a bit slow, you can speed it up in your perception program.

Listening to Audiobooks Can Get Boring

Any narrator and some will be more enjoyable to listen to than others. Listening, especially with headphones, can be a very intimate encounter, and not everyone should be denied access to the inner ear. It’s worth listening to studios that you love and would like to spend time with telling you a story. That said, storytellers strive to make the text lively and dynamic. Reading monotonously is a very boring way to document, and that’s not exactly what I want to do. I try to play with the delivery to keep it exciting for me and my listeners.

I change the character voices to match the people clarified in the text. Voice actors are actors. Some, for me, have a pretty wide range of colors they can do and are comfortable using. Others will use fewer lines but can transfer the flavor of the character to the voice they use for virtually any dialogue. The narrator of each novel also has his or her character. This leads me to why audiobooks are so much better than novels.…