Tips on making music concerts lively

With technology and other forms of innovation in the music industry come music concerts. Free online music downloads are eating into the record companies’ revenue. Live music shows, for example the very successful prince live in concert 2013, make up for this in gate charges, product endorsements, and on-site product sales. Online music and DVDs have subsequently transformed into promotional materials – a glimpse of what the live concert is likely to look like should the band, or the artist performs at a venue near you. As an event organizer, it’s significant to have tips on making music concert lively at the tip of your fingers.

How to make a lively concert

Promote a theme

Look for something that the locals care about, package it creatively andlego wedding then sell it to the public. The concert’s promotional materials such as banners, flyers, radio and online ads should project the theme. A classic example is school leavers’ bash or advocacy against guns, drugs, and hunger pestilence. In some cases, a concert theme could be wrapped around an ongoing event such as a big game, featuring sports superstars, to be played locally. A theme gives meaning to a show and makes people want to attend in droves because they expect a blend of fun and a noble course of some kind.

Sensationalize the concert

This is the age of collaborations in the music industry. People imagine what it would be like if artist A were to be put on the same stage with artist B, C and D. Sell a picture of what this would be like. Make it feel like experiencing a concert like no other before. Provide sneak previews on mobile devices. This trick works magic if you could give the ads a personal touch. Let the artist or the band members make an exclusive announcement on the social media and other media outlets with a call for attendance using words such as let’s meet without fail.”


Know your target audience. Ask yourself who you want in the stadium and in what numbers. Most school going children don’t work so you get a bigger venue to handle the large numbers which help with the economy of scales when it comes to pricing. Divide up the place into a VVIP, VIP and the general section to attract a bigger crowd and rake in more in ticket sales. Big crowds make concerts lively.

The venue

people partying illustration Hollywood has changed the way people view things by redefining what attention grabbing performance sounds and looks like. Big venues should have sufficient audio power. Speakers and huge crystal clear screens should be placed strategically at intervals to bring the stage closer to the revelers. You should be able to tell that the lead artist is wearing a particular designer watch, shoes or bracelet irrespective of where you’re seated or standing in a venue as big as a stadium.

Safety is often a great concert concern. Don’t burn up your reputation as a concert organizer by failing to check the efficiency of emergency exists. Get a contingent of security personnel for effective crowd control. Have a team of medics and first-aid administrators. Never run out of drinks and don’t keep the crowd waiting for too long.